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  • Episode 42: Dave Baksh

    SUM 41 guitarist Dave Baksh takes us inside MTV Icon: Metallica. 

    Watch the full MTV Icon: Metallica show on YouTube here

  • Episode 40: Jeremiah Scott

    Demon Hunter guitarist Jeremiah Scott on discovering Metallica, the first Metallica song he learned, the band's iconic logo, having "For Whom the Bell Tolls" at his wedding, seeing them with Lemmy, sneaking into shows at 16 and as an adult, Bob Rock, his own career as a producer, and much more.  

  • Episode 38: Billy Duffy

    Check out this Metallica / The Cult tour bag from the memorabilia section of his website! Make sure to listen, subscribe, and rate/review Speak N' Destroy. Episode 38 with Billy Duffy (The Cult) up now. 

  • Who Was H.P. Lovecraft?

    Our first ever bonus/mini-episode! 

    Journey into the Weird Tale of H.P. Lovecraft in our first ever bonus / mini-episode and learn a bit about the literary giant who inspired "The Call of Ktulu," "The Thing That Should Not Be," "All Nightmare Long," and "Dream No More." A genius, a visionary, a recluse, and a person with very problematic personal views, Howard Phillips Lovecraft continues to influence and fascinate metal musicians, film directors, and authors alike, including Opeth, Dream Theater, High On Fire, Guillermo del Toro, and Stephen King.

    Show Notes: 

    The Enduring Influence of H.P. Lovecraft on Extreme Music

    Writers of Color Continue to Wrestle With Lovecraft’s Racist Legacy

    The Gates Of Slumber

  • Episode 35: Deryck Whibley

    DERYCK WHIBLEY (SUM 41). All the behind-the-scenes info about the band's ripping performance at MTV ICON: METALLICA (2003), his favorite Metallica riffs, his band's new album, and more. 

    Photo: Ryan J. Downey and Deryck Whibley, Musician's Insitute, 2016, by Hannah Ray. 

  • Episode 34: David Davidson

    DAVID DAVIDSON (REVOCATION). His band’s cover of “Dyer’s Eve”; discovering music; his first Metallica show; the Metallica catalog; “Johnny Got His Gun”; H.P. Lovecraft; his songwriting process; his new project, Gargoyl; and more.

  • Episode 33: Adam Dubin

    ADAM DUBIN, director of YEAR AND A HALF IN THE LIFE OF METALLICA & MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW. Behind the scenes of the classic home video; his college roommate, Rick Rubin; co-directing early Beastie Boys videos; Bay Area thrash & more. 

  • Episode 32: Frank Bello & David Ellefson

    Frank Bello (ANTHRAX) and David Ellefson (MEGADETH) live from the Musicians Institute, part of the MI Conversation Series presented by Loudwire and Ultimate Classic Rock. In this wide ranging conversation with Ryan J. Downey and the audience Q&A that followed, the two Big 4 bassists talk about their band together, Altitudes & Attitudes, meeting for the first time while on tour in their respective bands, and the early days of thrash. Frankie does the best impression of Gene and Paul from KISS ever, both guys remember Alice In Chains opening for the first US "Clash of the Titans," David talks about the influence of original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney, and both men share thoughtful reflections on the late Cliff Burton. 

  • Episode 31: Joe Satriani

    Kirk's guitar teacher! Recorded live as part of the MI Conversation Series at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, presented by Loudwire and Ultimate Classic Rock. This is an in-depth (and at times very emotional discussion) about his life and career. Joe talks about switching from drums to guitar as a kid; jazz music; teaching his neighbor, Steve Vai; recording and releasing his classic records; his songwriting process; and working with a young Mr. Hammett as the Bay Area badass figured out what to do in Metallica.