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  • Beyond the Black

    Episode 27 guest Tommy Rogers confessed that, like some fans, he dropped out of the Metallica game after the Black Album. I told Tommy I'd get him a my specialty curated playlist of post-Black Album Metallica tracks to discover. Not all of these are officially released and/or readily available versions.

    • "THE OUTLAW TORN" (Unencumbered By Manufacturing Restrictions version)
    • "BLEEDING ME" (Load)
    • "KING NOTHING" (Load)
    • "THE MEMORY REMAINS" (Reload)
    • "FIXXER" (Reload)
    • "MINUS HUMAN" (unreleased studio version)
    • "LOW MAN'S LYRIC" (Reload)
    • "NO LEAF CLOVER" (S&M)
    • "ALL WITHIN MY HANDS" (acoustic version) 
    • "ALL NIGHTMARE LONG" (Guitar Hero version)
    • "THAT WAS JUST YOUR LIFE" (Guitar Hero version)


    Longtime listeners may recall when I told Doc Coyle about what the band dubbed the Unencumbered By Manufacturing Restrictions Version of "The Outlaw Torn." My favorite Metallica song of the '90s, which closes Load, caused the Load run time to exceed what was possible to safely squeeze onto a CD, so it was trimmed. 

    Load/Reload was initially conceived as a double album rather than two separate releases. "Minus Human" and "No Leaf Clover" were both songs from those sessions that didn't make either album, but were performed with the San Francisco Symphony and released as part of S&M. The version of "Minus Human" I have listed here is the studio one, without the symphony. (I like "No Leaf Clover" better with the symphonic parts.)

    The acoustic version of "All Within My Hands," from one of the Bridge School Benefit performances, is fantastic. The Guitar Hero version of Death Magnetic boasts superior mastering.

    I would recommend every second of Hardwired to any level of Metallica fan, past or present, which is why I haven't included any of those songs here.

    Check out this playlist on our YouTube channel.